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          Ehang Drone Shell

          • Customer :Ehang Intelligent Equipment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
          • Category :5G Smart Electronics
          • Date :January 4, 2016
          • Status :Normal
          • Address :Guangdong, China


          Material: PC + ABS

          Undesirable phenomenon: The surface of the product shrinks, shines, and the appearance is judged to be NG.

          Reason: The surface requirements of the drone shell are high, the mold is designed as a flip-chip mold, and the position of the glue inlet is located in the center of the product. Due to the hot runner needle valve hot nozzle, the product is close to the complex structure, the cooling effect of the hot nozzle is insufficient and the surface shrinks and shines.

          What We Did

          The 5G smart series provide customers with one-stop solutions for R&D, design, manufacturing, and professional services. Case products: wearable VR, portable coffee, precision medical smart eye medicine sprayer, civilian drone, enlightenment education robot, as product development In a short, flat, and fast environment, CHT is also constantly changing its thinking to meet the requirements of the market and customers.

          Cases: Konica Minolta, Brothers, Kyocera, Zebra, etc.

          • Solution One
            Lower the set temperature of the hot nozzle.
          • Solution Two
            Follow the heat insulation between the heating nozzle and the mold.
          • Solution Three
            The cooling range of the hot nozzle jacket waterway is expanded.
          • Solution Four
            The injection pressure holding time setting is added by 0.5".
          Ehang Drone Shell

          Final Results

          The problem of surface shrinkage and shine was improved, and the appearance was judged ok.