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        Toyota Car Dashboard

        • Customer :TOYOTA
        • Category :Car Parts
        • Date :July 6, 2017
        • Status :Normal
        • Address :France


        Material: PP + E / P-TD20.

        Undesirable phenomenon: oil accumulates on the parting line after the product is sprayed, and the appearance is judged to be NG.

        Reason: There is a mismatch in the parting position of the product, and the mismatch is 0.05mm. Due to the corresponding injection in the rear stage of the product, the appearance is NG. The mold price is controlled within the tolerance range of 0.03, which is the direct cause of the mismatch. The reason is the mold temperature difference between the cavity and core. (50 ℃ for the cavity and 25 ℃ for the core during injection).

        What We Did

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        • Solution One
          Mold actual measurement confirmation: adding material 0.003mm on the cavity is consisitent with the test report before the mold test.
        • Solution Two
          The mold temperature is set to 50 ℃ for the cavity and 35 ℃ for the core, and the temperature difference between the cavity and core molds becomes smaller.
        • Solution Three
          Add material by 0.1mm on cavity to compensate for the temperature of the mold. The external size is too large, resulting in reverse mismatch.
        Toyota Car Dashboard

        Final Results

        Customer judges appearance ok.