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          Zebra Printer Roll Paper Shaft

          • Customer :Zebra
          • Category :OA Office Series
          • Date :June 14, 2016
          • Status :Normal
          • Address :United States


          Function: drive thermal induction roll paper thermal printing.

          Undesirable phenomenon: flow marks on the surface of the product, runout degree 0.1mm, actual measurement: 0.22mm, judge NG.

          Reason: The product uses POM material. The melting temperature of POM is close to the decomposition temperature, and the moldability is poor. When the material flows to the position of PL during molding, there are surface flow marks, resulting in a runout of 0.1mm. The actual measurement is 0.22, NG.

          What We Did

          Changhong Technology's OA office series products provide customers with one-stop service, from the initial structural transformation of the product to mold design and manufacturing, to the assembly of semi-finished products, we continue to strive for innovation as always, even if it is affected by the global economic environment Strive to ensure that the customer's Q/C/D is achieved.

          Cases: Konica Minolta, Brothers, Kyocera, Zebra, etc. in Japan.

          • Solution One
            The mold temperature is adjusted from 60° to 80°.
          • Solution Two
            The rubber inlet is increased by ?1.0→?1.2, which improves the possibility of material decomposition caused by material shearing during the injection.
          • Solution Three
            During molding, the injection speed is reduced, set at 75%, and the hot runner temperature is increased by 190°C→215°C.
          Zebra Printer Roll Paper Shaft

          Final Results

          1. The flow marks on the product surface are improved, and the appearance is judged to be ok.
          2. The beating degree is 0.1mm, the actual measurement is 0.05mm~0.07mm, and the result is ok.